County Council Consultation on Proposed Speed and other Highways Changes in Burford - open until 31 May 2019

As RPiB has previously highlighted, the reserved matters for the Shilton Road development have been approved and the developers are working towards starting the project. Part of this involves agreeing the detail on a number of obligations and plans that affect such things as roads and footpaths.

The RPiB committee is aware of concerns by some affected residents and a local business about some of the proposals and shares a number of these. In particular, we are concerned about the lack of opportunity for constructive dialogue with the developers that would enable a sharing of local knowledge that could help shape solutions that are more sustainable and provide better quality of experience for our incoming new community members.

We have therefore taken opportunity where we can to urge for positive engagement locally to discuss the needs of existing and new community members. We have also contributed to correspondence with the County Council alongside the other concerned parties and have responded to the County Council consultation on the proposed highway changes associated with the development. A copy of this document is available here. Our key comments go somewhat beyond the scope of that consultation and we have therefore specifically asked that these wider concerns also be considered. RPiB has two principal concerns, in addition to the lack of local engagement in these planning stages:

  • That a number of commitments agreed in the OCC approved road scheme (July 2015), the s106 Agreement and OCC summary and the Unilateral Undertakings between parties do not appear to feature in the draft s278 document. We have asked that these are honoured and included. They include:
    • an extended footway on the west side of Shilton Road between the southern access to the development and the pedestrian crossing on the A40,
    • a contribution of £2000 to provide a dropped kerb on Barns Lane (to enable safe access to the town for pedestrians from the new development),
    • the creation of a pedestrian refuge on A361, south of Burford roundabout (to enable safe access to the school for pupils from the new development)
    • a contribution of £20,000 to construct bus shelters on Shilton Road
  • That an alternative speed control method should be considered. The proposed speed cushions present localised environmental and noise pollution complications and potentially adversely impact a valued local business.

The consultation is open for members of the community to comment until 31st May and we would urge you to submit your own views about the proposals as they will be taken into account in decision-making by the Council. If you agree with the comments we – or another party - have made, you may wish to simply write stating you endorse the representations made by that party.

For more information, please see:

Hailey Appeal - Dismissed!

At the AGM we promised to update you on the outcome of the Appeal for a development of up to 50 homes on land southwest of Charlbury Road in Hailey. We had been following this appeal closely as it was one of the first major tests of the new policies in the Local Plan and there were a number of implications for planning in and around Burford should the refusal decision, that WODC councillors had made on the basis of the newly adopted policies, been overturned. As it is, the Appeal is dismissed and the Inspector's report includes some helpful endorsements and interpretation of some WODC policies.

Appeal decision »

Thanks for your support at the AGM

Thanks to all our members for their ongoing support and to those who came to our AGM on 24th April. We had a good turnout, given the larger number who came to our EGM only last month, and many thanks to those who came along. It was really valuable to have you there and hear your thoughts so that we can be assured that we are representing your views appropriately and have your endorsement for the work we are doing.

At the meeting, we sadly noted that three of our lovely committee members were needing to step down due to other commitments. Ivan Hall, Steve Richards and Gordon Elliot have all worked so hard these last couple of years for the group and we are very grateful for all the time they have given. The committee for this next year, 2019-20, was elected at the meeting and consists of Gordon Jolly, Liz Deverson, Sue Haywood, Karen Plant and we welcome Ian Jackson also as an elected officer.

The Local Industrial Strategy

NNGO understands that the draft Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) is currently with Government for consideration. The document makes startling claims about the ability to create 108,000 net new jobs in the county by 2040. Since Oxfordshire effectively has full employment, this inevitably means a significant increase in population to take up these new roles. NNGO has written to Oxfordshire MPs asking that Oxfordshire’s Local Industrial Strategy is subject to full public consultation and environmental assessment (preferably through the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 process) prior to adoption. Visit their website for more info »

Oxfordshire Plan 2050

As discussed at our AGM, RPiB is closely watching and contributing to the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 process as that Plan will significantly influence and impact the policies and strategic planning that are able to be developed locally by the town and by the district in the future. RPiB is therefore using the Plan processes and consultation to provide a voice on issues that we have been told are important to our community and our local rural economy. Consultation on the vision for the Oxfordshire Plan (Oxfordshire Joint Statutory Spatial Plan) closed 25th March 2019. RPiB’s response can be read here »

RPiB is also a coalition member of Need Not Greed Oxfordshire. The NNGO response can be read in full on their website. NNGO responses to the Oxon Plan 2050 Statement of Community Involvement and Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report consultations can be read on the resources page of their website »

Why Responsible Planning is Needed....

At the AGM, we promised a link to an excellent film, made by the community in Bampton. Do look at this if you can:

Film »

Stonesfield Appeal - ongoing...

RPiB is also closely monitoring the Appeal for a large development at Stonesfield. This is for a site which was originally included, along with Coles Field and two others, as four major developments in the AONB in the draft Local Plan but all of which were subsequently removed in the final adopted Plan in order for the Local Plan Inspector to find the Plan acceptable and sound.

The hearing for the Stonesfield Appeal sat for four days in the first week of April, and one further day of evidence and final statements is scheduled for 16th May. This is a significant test of the policies in the Local Plan for development in the AONB and thus is of interest to our community. RPiB submitted a comment and also presented during the Appeal Hearing and will attend on 16 May also. The Appeal Inspector's decision make take some time to be published, but we will update you when it is.